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It's happened.

marilyn weights
I lost my job.  :(

these shoes rule! these shoes suck.

'sup, playas?

i'm super excited because this weekend i'm going to see the bodies exhibit and dialog in the dark.  it should be super awesome.

this week, my team (or most of it) has finally joined me in chattanooga.  i no longer hate my job.  it's so nice to have the option to have people to go out to dinner with and eat lunch with and talk to during the day and bounce ideas off of.  i don't know how people work by themselves.  it would drive me nuts. 

i've been eating prunes and, suprisingly, they haven't done anything to my tummy.

ok.  i'm out.  holla at ya girl.


so it looks like everyone had a decent christmas.  mine wasn't anything special.  i caught a flight to memphis on the 23rd, rented a car, and drove through awful weather to little rock.  had christmas with both sides of my family then, on the 26th, my sister and i rented a car to drive back to memphis to catch our flight home.  we get there and delta has cancelled it.  something about the air traffic control system going down here in atlanta or something.  i don't know.  i really don't care.  all i know is that i was stranded in the worst airport in north america for 9 hours.  my sister and i sat at a bar and drank.  and drank.  and drank.  i got home about midnight.  worst day ever.

since getting back, i've spent almost every waking moment on my couch switching between lifetime and oxygen movies.  who doesn't love a good stalker movie?

i'm supposed to go down to my family's beach house tomorrow, but really don't want to.  i want time to be alone.  only problem is, i have no money, nothing to do, and no food.  and when i say no food i mean no food.  so i really do need to go down there tomorrow just so i can be fed.

i'm dreading going back to work on the 5th.  i'm so so so unhappy there.  i've pretty much come to the determination that i hate finance / accounting.  i may be good at it, but it doesn't make me happy.  i know i'm destined to do something so much greater than this, i just don't know how to get from point a to point k.  there are so many points in between.  it depresses me.

this time of year always depresses me.


calvin. so clever.
we had our family christmas last friday (b/c we always have it early since we go to arkansas for the 25th).  i got a sweet iphone...thanks to my mom :)  i loooooooooove it.  it is awesome.  it also looks like i'm going to save money on my phone bill & it will be cheaper than my stellar is that?  manolo got about 50,000 toys and couldn't decide which ones were her favorite.  she'd go from one to the next to the next...she's so funny.

this weekend was okay.  no one was here.  my fam took manolo and headed to arkansas.  richard went home.  i watched movies, went to lunch with jantel, got my iphone all set up, and went to the gym a few times.  i'm so sore right now.  i haven't done any weight training (or much cardio for that matter) in ages (it shows).  so i'm really hurting.  but it felt good to get back in there!

i'm at work today.  we let another person go last week :(  our NYC office let 15 go last week.  I can't even imagine.  but no managing directors are here today, so no one can be laid off...yippee!!!  i'm working today at my office and tomorrow a half day from home.  then flying to memphis in the afternoon and driving to little rock for christmas.  i'm also off work until the 5th!  HOLLA!!!!!!!!!

hope everyone has a happy, happy christmas!
i'm convinced I'm going to get laid off.  convinced.  i just know it's going to happen.  i pray that it doesn't, though.

if it does, maybe i'll try to sell my car and go work for greenpeace or some other non-profit.  not just any non-profit though.  i want to save animals or kids.  i want to do something big.

i threw a partay this past weekend.  it went pretty well.  i got trashed...imagine that.  sunday i felt like i had a touch of the aids.  we went to cici's pizza for hangover therapy.

i'm in chattanooga right now.  it makes me depressed.  i don't like to be alone.  i'm not a loner.  i need people.

i listen to a lot of death cab now.

twiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight...and how much i <3 edward cullen

Since everyone else is posting about layoffs, I'll do the same.  We had our 3rd round of layoffs this week...and it sounds like the 4th round is coming up.  That's right, fuckers, they've already laid off 20% of our office and felt like they should dig the knife a little deeper.  One was a guy who only started in August.  Poor thing.  The other was a guy who interned for us in 07, accepted the offer, and came to work for us in January.  So it's like we promise him all these wonderful things and a wonderful career with us then *bam* he's gone.  The 4th round is supposed to include senior management, which, personally, I feel that's who they should have started with when all this bull shit went down back in March.  If you are going to get rid of people, cut those with the higher salaries and who aren't selling the work for the little people to do!  They just sit on their asses and go to lunches and conferences and "network" when they should be selling work like it's their actual JOB.

Done ranting.

I'm working in Chattanooga this week.  My client contact isn't here so I'm all alone.  I HATE being alone.  I get lonely (duh) and I don't have the motivation to do shit so I fall way behind in my work.  One thing I have been doing is looking up everything related to Twilight.  I'm so obsessed that it's ridiculous.  I now know how all those Harry Potter freaks felt.

So, my point is that I was watching this interview on with the kid who plays Jacob.  And OMG they should have given me a spoiler alert.  So I will give YOU one.  Spoiler alert for those who haven't finished Breaking Dawn (book 4)Collapse )

I'm going to see the movie tomorrow night, though.  I'm SO excited.  I'm dragging Richard along with me.  I had to purchase his ticket for him to go.  I really think he's going to hate it, but I don't care.

I'm going back to the ATL tonight.  I'm so so happy.  I get to see my PUP!  and my Christmas tree!  and roast marshmallows at my parents house tonight!  It's going to be swell. 

Peace out!


My stomach has not been happy with me for the last week.  Maybe it's the new migraine medicine I'm on?  I don't think so, though, because I take that at night and my stomach mostly feels odd during the day and evening.

This weekend was pretty neat.  Friday I got in from Chatty pretty late so I stayed up & finished my book (book 2 of the Twilight series) and crashed.  I was supposed to go see James Bond with a large group, but was really just not feeling it.

Saturday I woke up early to take my car to the Acura dealership so they could detail it like they were supposed to the last weekend.  Meanwhile, they gave me the 2009 TSX to drive.  *drooooool*  I'm getting it.  I'm thinking February-ish.  I loved that car.  I mean, I love my car and it's only 2 years old, but I love the lastest model.

That afternoon I had a tennis match.  We lost, but that's okay because the rich bitches we were playing were totally sandbagging it(playing much lower than they should have).  However, I got to play with Kim so that was tons of fun.  We laughed, mostly.

After that, I went to my parents house to have a few appetizers with them, my sister, her man, and my neice before my sister and her boyfriend went out to dinner while my parents watched Tessa.  Once they left, Mom, Dad, Tessa, & I loaded up and went to Costco to buy my Christmas tree!  It's a prelit 7.5 ft.  STUNNING!

Sunday, I went to breakfast with the fam at J. Christopher' second favorite place for breakfast in the WORLD.  Then, I came home and Richard and I decorated my tree!  There is a picture on facebook.  It's so pretty.  It's all silver and red.  Nothing else.  And my star at the top is gorgeous!

OK, gotta work.  boooooo.  Peace out.

The Noog

I drove all around this piece looking for a stupid Target to go buy the next book in the Twilight series.  I definitely took the scenic route, but an hour and a half later, I found it!  And they only had one left of "New Moon."  I started reading it last night, got about 50 pages into it, but decided I needed to stop if I was ever going to sleep.  Plus, I wanted a brownie from the conceirge lounge.  :)

I came back and took a sip of my sizzurp and watched a little bit of Monday Night Football (yawn).  So I passed out and next thing I know, some drunk asshole is trying to get into my room.  I had to scream out, "WRONG ROOM, ASSHOLE!"  So then I was awake.  I played Kaglom and Sudoku on my Blackberry for a few HOURS then tried to go back to sleep.  The sizzurp gave me effed up dreams!  I dreamt about Thanksgiving with my extended family and I pitched a royal fit (this is the second time in 4 days I've dreamed about flipping my shit).  I woke up this morning very bothered.  My dad had to take me away from my family and was telling me how I embarassed my mom and she wasn't going to talk to me for a while.  :(  But, luckily it was just a dream!

So I got up at 6 and worked out...HOLLA!  Yay for me!  But I'm super sleepy right now.  So, I think I'll go call the Acura dealership and bitch them out for real then maybe get some caffeine.

Peace out!

Nov. 10th, 2008

It's been a minute since I last updated...I so sorry!

Since I last left you, I was going to the beach.  It was fab.  Except for me getting the flu.  Full.blown.flu.  It was something awful, let me tell you something.  Soooo, I was off the Thurs & Friday before Halloween & didn't go back to work until the Thursday after Halloween!  I'm still coughing my lungs up, too, but I still have a ton of "the precious" aka codeinated cough syrup.  HOLLA!

So my bff at work, Kim, got engaged!  She & her boyf (now fiance, I guess) were in NYC on Halloween weekend for him to run the NY Marathon.  He proposed to her in Central Park.  So sweet!  I love them together.  I'm probably more excited than she is about the engagement (if that's possible).

This past weekend, one of Richard's friends from NYC, Lauren, came to visit.  I really, really liked her.  She's so fun & we immediately hit it off.  I went out with them on Saturday to dinner & then to a club/lounge place.  It was a good time!  I felt like my old self (which I haven't felt like in a good year).  Yesterday, we went to Mary Mac's Tea Room so she could have some authentic southern food.  It was ORGASMIC.  I <3 southern food...but I guess that's because I'm southern, hahaha.  I had fried green tomatoes, pot licker, yeast rolls, meat loaf, taters & gravy, green beans (made with fat back, thank you), and PEACH COBBLER!!!!!

Saturday I bought the book "Twilight" which the movie that's coming out is based on.  I finished that MF'er in a day and a half.  I'm going to buy the second book (there are four) tonight.  Can't wait!  Aaaaand, I'm going to see the movie the night it opens, too.  I <3 Edward Cullen!

This week I'm in Chattanooga all by my lonesome.  It's okay, though.  I'll be fine.  I promise.

Oct. 29th, 2008

marilyn weights
Yesterday I did my civic duty and voted!  I rocked the vote!  I only had to wait about 2 hours, so not too bad.  They are anticipating waits much longer than that on election day.

I'm hoping a get to see Obama's 30 min. schpiel on network TV.

Last night I carved my pumpkin & toasted the seeds.  Richard had never tasted toasted pumpkin seeds.  I think he's a convert, now!

This morning I bought pre-sale tickets for the Killers!  Holla at ya girl!!!!

Tomorrow I'm off to the beach and I'm really excited.  I could use a little r&r!

Lata, playa!


marilyn weights
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